Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to upgrade/reinstall Penta Tablet OS

To do so you have to go to the below link


Now follow the instruction given below:

Instruction to upgrade/reinstall tablet OS

Make sure you do the following steps on a system running Windows XP service pack 3 and your device is fully charged.

  • Download all files in a folder (Right click on a file and choose the option “Download”)
  • Extract files in a folder
  • Folder will have two folders file 1 and file 2
  • Now open file 1
  • Open file IUW1.2
  • Once the window is open
  • Click boot disk
  • Insert a micro SD card in a card reader and attach it to the system {make sure no other removable drive is attached to the system while following these instructions}
  • In the window where it says "Choose a wrapped image" browse and open the file 2 and select file F117_android_1310721.ius
  • Once done now select the micro sd card from the dialog “Choose an SD drive
  • Then select “Boot Disk” and  click "Burn"
  • When the process is complete, you will not see any FILE/folder on the micro sd card however the file is there.

  • On the device do the Following

  • Insert microsd card
  • Turn on device
  • Device will boot from sd card
  • Now follow on screen instruction


  1. I've successfully upgraded the os in the tablet.. but now the problem is.... the sd card i used to install the os was 8gb and now after burning the os it has now changed to memory space of 700mb.... so how to get the 8gb memory space back? plz help..

    1. Just format it by Command prompt and it will be fixed if still the issue persist let me know here i will give you solution softwares.

  2. Hi,

    I am able to create the SD cards ass described here however when I switch on my device, it doesn;t boot from it nor does it ask for any selection while booting.

    Meanwhile I did a factry reset of the device since it was unresponsive at times. Now it is stuck at the "Touch the crosshair to calibrate" The touch is not being sensed.

    Is there any resolution to this?